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Shared Reading

Over the past decades, these books were game-changers in re: the ability to let go and enjoy every day (even the tough ones). 

Some we have re-read a few times because we find that different messages resonate at different times depending on where we are in our growth, and in re-reading some new understanding hits that move us that much further down our individual spiritual growth path.

Almost every book we read we can find something, even if it is just one message that hits what is our "truth" at that moment in time, and we discard the rest, trying to absorb and really take to heart only one lesson at a time.


We have curated a list from our own favorites, and some of the suggestions of this community, that have more than a few "hits" to the heart and mind. And they hit over and over again as we re-read them through the years.

We read A Gift From the Sea every Spring. I remind myself of the messages in The Four Agreements many times a year on a tough day.

We hope these books bring you comfort that you are not alone on your journey, and enlightenment and companionship when you are ready to keep moving forward.

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